How To Sell More With Your Writing

Simple is better.

Don’t reinvent the wheel…

Do you want to make over $100,000 per year?

Well, if you want to do it with a J.O.B, you’ve basically only got 8 choices.

And three of those eight require tons of schooling…doctor, dentist, lawyer.

And one requires a special degree…pharmacist.

And three more (IT managers, marketing managers, and financial managers) require specific college degrees and very advanced knowledge.

That leaves only one $100,000 career that does not require you to go back to school.


Sales has always been one of the highest paying professions.

The best sales people make FAR more than the average doctor or lawyer.

Sales has always been the only high paying career option that does not require years of schooling.

So, if you want to achieve financial freedom, either go back to school…or start selling.

And the easiest way to start “selling” is with Brainstorm Pro.

You get all the help from the best salesmen of all time who made the big money high-paying, high commission sales without having to go to school for years and years.

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These are called ‘Swipe Files’.

Swipe files allows you to learn from the past and innovate the future.

With the swipe files you have proven copy that you can learn from, switch, modify, change, borrow ideas from and basically use for your purposes.

Get concepts, structure, phrasing…

How to create the magic…Enhance and improve upon successful past works…

Even the very best produced by the most brilliant advertising brains on the planet.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel…

And you can still be original.

With Brainstorm Pro you get all that.

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A newsletter, a sales letter, a flyer, a blog, an invitation, a social mixer, a business mixer, a
meetup, a tweet, something that captures the imagination on Facebook.

“Brainstorm Pro…..where have you been hiding all this time?!

I recently discovered Brainstorm Pro and I must say I’m definitely impressed. I’m a blogger and freelance writer and often get burned out completing all the different writing assignments for my clients. It’s difficult spinning articles and creating unique web copy, press releases and blog content. I usually rely on the thesaurus during the writing process, but thanks to Brainstorm Pro, I now have a new tool at my disposal. This program allows me to easily find synonyms, antonyms and new words; which is essential for the type of writing I do.

It can be downright exhausting coming up with fresh content on similar topics day after after. Brainstorm Pro will cut my writing time in half. Working with this program really gets my creative juices flowing and I highly recommend it for any professional writer, no matter the genre.” ~ Raquel Delemos

And you gotta write a press release that gets attention
Brainstorm Pro  is your friend.

“This application is awesome, I mean it is Harvard trained. As a creative writer, I can now write comfortably in any niche provided I get “assists” and “through passes” from brainstorm pro, we’ll make an awesome team. concatenation of words just got easier…the simplicity of the whole process make it more efficient.

The only issue I have with it is that the ribbons are too angular and I didn’t get title for the group of words, I use MS word 2010. On the overall, this thing’s got brains, and has earned a place on my desktop…always open.”

~ Rosa Penn


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Jesse Gilbert

Jesse Gilbert,
Brainstorm Pro