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Ever been frustrated and felt like your writing or idea was cliche?

Ever had problems generating high-quality new creative ideas?

Now you can find the best ideas as fast as possible with Brainstorm Pro.

Brainstorm Pro gives you a combination of desktop, web based and mobile software solutions to help you brainstorm the best ideas.

The desktop program is supersonic speed and when combined with the 100’s of years of advertising wisdom and advice from the best writers, you’ll have the tools needed to tap your linguistic subconscious mind and come up with unconventional, far-out creative solutions.

Brainstorm Pro is here to give you much of the brain powers of a Fortune 500 advertising firm

Brainstorm Pro includes a system for collaborative group brainstorming.

These brainstorming techniques are based on decades of studies that show the most effective way to brainstorm and find the best ideas.

Brainstorm Pro comes loaded with the best underground music from Europe – Real geniuses whose subsonic rhythms and beats can help you mind hit alpha wave creativity mode.

Brainstorm Pro Specifications:

Bullet speed brainstorming software
Multi-lingual thesaurus
Formula-1 Advertising swipe files.
Lists of best sellers to model.
Instructions for writing efficiency and quality.
Swipe Combinator – Allows you to look at words different in combinations to develop the most irresistible branding.
Rhyming tools – An unbeatable resource for songwriters.
Check all/Sort features to locate the right words/ideas with supreme ease
Music selections from unheard of musical geniuses that will put your mind in alpha peak creativity mode.
Advanced A.I. Article Spinner – Make articles manually at high speed with help from history (and the internet’s) greatest writers.
Chrome and Firefox browser plugins.

Much more!


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Target And Blast Obstacles With The Intelligence of Multiple Minds & The Power of Supersonic Brainstorming Software

In the modern media market, where competition for attention is fierce, pure brute force rarely works.

With Brainstorm Pro you get the organization capabilities required to come up with the most outstanding, original ideas and then scope in on the hand picked ‘crème de la crème’ concepts…

Then do what it takes to bring the idea to fruition.

Part of the brainstorming process is just finding out which ideas are unworkable and simply a waste of time.

If you’re looking to make your website, product or freelance writing services popular and be among the leaders in your sector or niche Brainstorm Pro provides a suite of writing and wordsmith tools to help you.

Just by using Brainstorm Pro you’ll gain knowledge of language and improve vocabulary automatically.

  • Get a better job position or even prevent unemployment.  In a very competitive marketplace for ideas Brainstorm Pro gives you an edge and helps you conjure up outstanding creative writing and advertising that cannot be ignored.
  • Gain confidence in your writing skills!  With help from hundreds of the greatest writers of all time, you’ll get tips that will guide you with laser focus like a GPS system for writers.
  • Relieve the boredom and escape the drudgery of technical freelance writing.  Brainstorm Pro can help you express your personality and point of view effectively by allowing you to inject your ideas into some of the most successful writing pieces of all time. It can actually help you sell your readers on your ideas.
  • Fulfill your literary ambitions.  If one of your fantasies involves being a published writer you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity and learn how to model all time best sellers for success.
  • Be more productive.  No matter how industrious you are you may still have a hard time because the internet is so competivie now. With these extra tools you’ll get an unusual advantage that will make you capable of out writing the competition.


Creative writing – Fiction, non-fiction, poetry & songwriting authoring short stories and novels + other types of literature.

Character descriptions

Scriptwriting – screenplays & film scripts

Sales letters

Original and Creative branding – great for business names, marks, logos and taglines

Speech writing.

E-mail correspondences – Write subject lines that grab attention and get high open rates.

Blog posts – Model your blog post on hundreds of the best ones of all time with variation for originality.

Brochures, leaflets, pamphlets and fliers.


Educational content


Help composing lyrics – A great secret weapon for the music / recording industry.

Business planning

Transcriptions – Great for translation of technical works where you have to find the precise word.

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There is no faster way to zoom in on the best creative ideas.


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